Last Chance Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Last Chance Holiday Marketing

Christmas is almost here! Leading into the last few days before Christmas will be some of the business last-minute shopping days. Now is the time for the final push for your holiday marketing on you services and products. Here are some ideas to engage with your  shoppers.

A Simple Reminder With A Sense Of Urgency

Post on social media and send out an email to your current customers on the sales or promotions you are offering.  With the holidays a week away this is urgent! Everyone is running around trying to check off their list. But the main point is to remind your customer about your products and services they can buy at a discounted price for the holidays.  Here are some helpful tips reduce anxiety of questions:

  • Don’t spam posts or emails. Just a few simple reminders this week are good.
  • Create a FAQ page
  • Be clear about shipping information. If shipping is involved, the last minute is always a concern. If you are clear about it, most people will wait if they have to.
  • Have Return Policy information

Create a Holiday Buzz By Offer Social Media Only Flash Sale

Create a sense of urgency around your products and move them quickly.  Especially with your excess inventory.  Here are something to take into consideration:

  • Have detailed information about when the sales starts and ends
  • Show them the value and savings
  • Be specific about any promotion codes needed for this promotion. This also allows you to track your sales.
  • Create branded images for your sale that everyone can share on social media
  • Put a countdown on the landing page so buyers know their time is limited

Spotlight A Gift A Day

Pick a product a day to feature this next week. Show buyers your products individually. This enables you to cut down all the noise and catch your shopper’s eye.

With this type of sale it is a great way to cross your social media channels. Post on Facebook or Twitter to featuring your picture on Pinterest or Instagram.

Spotlighting products work  great on social media but I find that this is also well received as an email as well.  Again, some reminders to think about:

  • Create a branded image with this information to share on social media outlets.
  • Create a hashtag to tie in all of your social media channels
  • Be clear about what the offer is
  • Show them the value and savings of this product
  • Be specific about any promotion codes needed for this promotion.

There’s only one week left. Get moving and happy selling!!

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